Owner representation is one of the core concepts in real estate development, servicing all phases of a project from inception through design, construction to completion and close-out. A trusted advisor acting on behalf of owners in key decision making.

We will provide the required experience and knowledge in the mandatory disciplines of planning, design, construction, construction management, project management, real estate and the overall development process with the ability to anticipate problems in a timely manner.

Maintaining a horizontal relationship between all stakeholders to ensure focus, effective communication and common goals to ensure a smooth flow of information and mitigate risk.

We will identify, assess and recommend contractors and design firms that have the resources and experience suitable for the Project. Throughout the development of the Project, we will make recommendations on engineering, design and scope, contract issues, budget and actual cost status, proposed changes, schedule changes, Project extensions and problem resolution.

We will serve as supervisors, facilitators, mediators and programme managers acting through the owners eyes to avoid costly construction errors and post-construction problems.